RCA Course – delivered by the Authors of The Complete CSA Casebook and CSA Examiners

Can the Authors of The Complete CSA Casebook and The Naked Consultation, together with experienced CSA Examiners, help you pass your RCA?


Our goal to raise the standard of consultation skills being delivered to patients across the country began when writing our books. We specialise in teaching trainees the skills, within the RCGP marking domains, for exam preparation and life beyond as a qualified GP.

We are delighted to be working with experienced CSA Examiners from Yorkshire and Humber to deliver an RCA Webinar and RCA Case Workshop as part of our new RCA Course.

As well as explaining what you need to do, Complete CSA aims to provide suggestions of HOW you can demonstrate skills and how to transfer skills to future cases.

We hope you found our books useful. We have approached the design of the RCA Course with the same amount of organisation, diligence and responsibility to help trainees be confident and achieve. Our teaching techniques have helped many trainees over recent years including trainees who then passed their final attempt after working with us. We received positive feedback from our Complete CSA Courses from previous years. “The most useful CSA Course I have attended.” 

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RCA Course by the Authors of The Complete CSA Casebook and CSA Examiners

Disclaimer: We will not provide marks for your consultation nor tell you which cases you should submit. Instead we will spend time with you discussing your cases, explaining and describing the skills you have and have not demonstrated and where these skills appear in the mark scheme. We commit to working very hard to help you see your consultations through both the patient’s and examiner’s eyes and we will help you to develop your own style to demonstrate excellent consultation skills. By booking your place you agree to take full responsibility for the cases you submit for your assessment.