About Complete CSA

The Clinical Skills Assessment is the final exam of GP training. Costing £1500 to sit, it is a daunting final hurdle, which we have experienced. The challenge of the CSA exam is being able to synthesise 10 years of medical education competently, sensitively, quickly and safely, to manage any medical problem presented by any patient who walks through the door. This is also the challenge faced every day by busy GPs in clinical practice.

The completeCSA.co.uk is an extended resource to the Complete CSA Casebook. With 110 cases, 5 for each module in the RCGP curriculum, Complete CSA is the largest casebook available. With an organised and practical loose leaf clip-file, there is no need to pass around a book. Each of the 110 cases has a card for both the doctor and the patient. Overleaf the Doctor’s Notes are 110 Example Consultations, word for word, how we approached each case, realistically in 10 minutes. We decided to write example consultations, in our own diction, and we have not held back on phrases which both the doctor and patient may say in the consultation. That is real life general practice and from working around the country – we know phrases can vary! Overleaf the Patient Notes are 110 Learning Notes – relevant guidelines and tips from our experience as GPs. It’s easy to mark cases too, by using our easy to use Generic Feedback Card and/or the tick-list on each Example Consultation, modelled around our FOCUS Consultation Model – the only consultation model specifically designed for the CSA, which correlates with the CSA marking domains. You will also find lists of Useful Phrases and Examination Cards, which provide step by step suggestions of clinical examinations. It has taken two years to compile this resource and we hope it is helpful! Our aim was to build GP trainee’s confidence and skills across the RCGP curriculum and share all we had learned from our training years and life that followed as independent practitioners.

Whilst role playing cases, we encourage the doctor to remember Complete CSA’s mantra:

‘Common things are common! … But what mustn’t I miss?’

Finally, the Complete CSA team recognises that the responsibility of making frequent and fast decisions whilst holding risk, the urge to always get it right (with the fear of getting it wrong), the pressure to not waste NHS resources, managing complexity, a high patient load and the medico-legal need to document it all, within too little time, can feel overwhelming.

However, take every opportunity to remember your own loved ones and just do your best for the person looking to you for help. Keep faith in General Practice and remember the unique, professional and supportive work ethos we share.

We wish you all the best!

Emily, Helen and Liz