Complete CSA Courses

“The most useful CSA Course I have attended.”

Complete CSA Courses are returning in September.

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Complete CSA Course January 2020

Complete CSA Course March 2020

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Why should you come on the Complete CSA Course?

As GP Educators and CSA facilitators, we know how to pass this exam with top marks … and we did! We want to share our experience and knowledge with you. We remember how overwhelming preparing for this exam was and we will provide you with many easy to use methods to help you achieve success. We’ve coached resitting candidates who have since passed with excellent scores.
We hope you found the Complete CSA Casebook organised and comprehensive. Our approach to developing the Complete CSA Course has been just as thoughtful and meticulous. We have developed a course that provides you with skills to help you succeed in any scenario.
Maximum group size of 4! 
“Lots of opportunity to do cases and gain experience…
RCGP course has groups of 12, 1 case done by each candidate” 
Feedback from Complete CSA Course attendee
Reviews from the Complete CSA Course
“Small groups, excellent feedback, approachable highly skilled staff and feeling that taught by actual course writers!”
“Actors excellent and realistic.”
“Excellent organisation of the day – ran to time.”
“Good range and complexity of cases. Actors were excellent. Feedback very constructive and helpful”
“Really useful course, very well organised and structured.”
“The day flowed well. All cases were great.”
“A lot of confidence boosting.”
“Very structured course, practising challenging cases.”
“Difficult cases – better to do here than in CSA.”
“Interesting, varied and difficult cases.”
“The example consultations are useful to see how you can specifically gain/miss marks.”
“The presentations gave useful, honest and realistic advice.”
“Techniques to manage difficult cases. Useful ways of phrasing questions”
“Perfect course!” 
“I feel encouraged by all the positive feedback and useful tips – the CSA doesn’t seem as impossible as it did before I came to the course!”
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The Complete CSA Revision Course includes ALL of the following challenging consultations and skills 
Angry patientsFalse beliefsMedically unexplained symptomsHealth anxietyChronic painHolding risk whilst giving reassuranceNegotiating  … Hidden agendasSafeguarding … Inappropriate requestsManaging patient expectationsPrivate services  … Safe prescribingSpecialist medications … Breaking bad newsComplex patients (medical/psychological/social)Unclear presenting complaint … Rare diagnosis … Genetic explanationsConcerned relativeManaging confidentialityRisk assessmentsManaging acute and chronic problems simultaneouslyThe potential to explore/manage too little/too much Unusual medication requestsDomestic ViolenceRequest to withhold information from notesRequest for medical notesDVLA dilemma.