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“The most useful CSA Course I have attended.”

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Complete CSA Course January 2020

Complete CSA Course March 2020

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As GP Educators and CSA Course facilitators, we know how to pass this exam with top marks … and we did! We enjoy sharing our experience and knowledge with you. We remember how overwhelming preparing for this exam was and we will provide you with many easy to use methods to help you achieve success. We’ve coached resitting candidates who have since passed with excellent scores.

As well as explaining what you need to do, Complete CSA explains HOW it can be done. That was our aim with 110 Example Consultations throughout the Casebook.

We hope you found the Complete CSA Casebook organised and comprehensive. Our approach to developing the Complete CSA Courses and CSA Skype Coaching programmes is just as thoughtful and meticulous.

We are organised and have collated a database of skills, challenges and complexities you may encounter in your CSA. We have ensured we cover this database within the cases in our CSA Course so you leave with solutions and rescue methods, which are transferable to the most challenging of cases to succeed in any scenario.